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Adventures, Projects, and Contentment…oh my?

Today has been a day of complete contentment.  Right now I’m sitting out on my back patio working.  The temperature is perfect, birds are singing, the boys are out front playing basketball, and there is a unicorn prancing around in my backyard!  Ha! Just kidding.  I couldn’t help myself.  Although, I bet the kids would rather pick up unicorn poop than dog poop.  I mean seriously…rainbow colored poop!  Of course, unicorns don’t exist so then neither does their rainbow colored poop.  What was I talking about?  Oh right…my day.

Late last night, my husband and two of our kiddos returned from a two week trip to Honduras.  My 15 year old daughter and almost 2 year old son went and my 19 and 10 year old sons stayed with me.  They went to visit family and I wish we all could have gone, but because of school schedules for my sons, we had to stay.  We all had great adventures though.  The boys and I took a trip to Universal Studios and spent a day at the beach.  Although I think the biggest adventure was just surviving Los Angeles freeways!  Santa Vaca!  I think I have a few more gray hairs now.  But despite the crazy traffic, we had a great time and I got to spend some quality time with my boys.  Since our littlest surprise was born, it has been harder to spend alone time with the other three kids.  It happens, but not as much as I would like.  My hubby and kids also had a fantastic time visiting with family and exploring a bit of Honduras.  

So I thought that with my little guy being gone for two weeks, that I would get TONS done in the house!  I DID paint and redecorate my bedroom.  That was a great accomplishment.  But I wanted to do so much more!  I wanted to deep clean my kitchen and hallway closet.  I wanted to put a lot of work into this blog and our Real Estate business.  I wanted to do, do, do!  Well we spent four days in Los Angeles.  Then I was dead tired for two days. Then I was sick for a couple of days.  THEN I painted my room and bedroom furniture!  I was also planning on spending some time with friends while the boys were in school.  I did spend a great day with my mom at Hobby Lobby and Ikea though.  I began to feel a bit stressed because I wasn’t accomplishing everything.  Ugh!  Stress, anxiety, guilt, frustration…What place do these feelings even have in my life?  They keep trying to take over!  I came to a point of realization that whether or not I accomplished everything, life would go on!  My family would come home and everything would be fine!  In fact, I do still have a small wall in my room and a dresser that need to be painted. I’m telling you…no one passed out when they saw the unfinished wall or dresser.  No one thought any less of me because it wasn’t done.  I also didn’t allow myself to think less of myself because I didn’t finish.  I have completely enjoyed this day with my family.  I’ve given my little guy more hugs and kisses than he probably wanted.  I’ve listened to my daughter’s stories and my husband’s thoughts on the trip.  We’ve shared our stories of our trip to Los Angeles.  Right now my hubby, daughter, and little guy are napping.  I’m content and happy.  I still have to finish up my project and clean.  But those things are never ending.  They are always there…aren’t they?  My people are happy, so I’m happy.  And I’m going to enjoy a few more minutes of peace and quiet before my little ones wakes up.  So how is your day going?



Here are a couple of pictures from our adventures.  You’ll notice my oldest being silly.  “Really? Another picture, Mom?”

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