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    Side Hustle #1 – Qkids

    A few months ago, I began working with Qkids.

     Qkids is a company that uses a super cute platform for teaching English online to kids (ages 4 – 12) in China! My husband had heard about the company on a Dave Ramsey Facebook page. I had heard of similar companies and decided to put some research into them.  I had no idea how many options there were!  I felt that it was important to research because I needed a company that would work with my schedule.  

    There are some companies that allow you to earn a little more money, but they also require a lot more work and have higher tech requirements.  Some companies require that you build up your own student base.  Qkids does not. They assign students to you. You can teach up to four students at a time.  Other companies have you teach one student at a time.  I actually prefer to teach four students at a time.  I love the interaction!  Especially once they are pretty fluent in English.  Those kiddos can be so funny!!!

    They also have all of the lessons planned out for you.  You just need to get on to review the lesson before you teach to get familiar with all of the activities.  The platform is very user-friendly and Qkids is always making improvements to it.  

    I also found that Qkids is the most flexible company to work for.  They are very understanding if you need to make schedule changes or if you need to miss a class.  I needed to miss all of my classes one day and let them know with less than 24 hours advance and they simply removed those classes.  Most other companies will penalize you for that.  There have also been a few times that I’ve had technical issues.  All I did was explain what happened and they removed any absences that I had incurred so that it didn’t affect my bonuses.  

    So with Qkids, you get a base pay of $8 per 30 minute class.  If you attend all of your classes, you get another $1.  If you get good reviews from parents, then you also get another $1 bonuses.  So you have the possibility of getting $10 per class.  I teach three classes every morning while the rest of my family is sleeping.  (4:20 am – 6:10 am MST  Monday through Saturday)   So I have the potential to earn $30 each morning.  That’s not a bad side hustle.  They do offer more hours which includes evening hours.  But right now those hours don’t fit my schedule.  If there is a week where I can add in hours on Friday and Saturday evening, then I just make sure to email them by Wednesday of the current week to let them know of my additional available hours for the coming week.  

    The interview process was very straightforward and not very difficult.  I have a great Qkids facilitator that I was assigned to.  She is there for any questions that I may have.  She will also make suggestions to improve classes if needed. I had two low scores from parents last week.  Booo!  I contacted my facilitator and explained what happened in the classes and that I felt the reviews weren’t warranted.  She reviewed the classes, said that she agreed with me, and took of the low scores!  She’s awesome!

    For the first month, I didn’t get a lot of hours, but now I get all of the hours that I ask for.  I am earning, on average, about $550 a month.  I could definitely earn double that if I worked more hours.  

    Does this interest you?  Let me know if you have any questions!  If you are interested, click on the link  here.  This is my personal referall link.  It will bring you to the site so that you can check it out.  If you get hired, I get a bonus!  Woo hoo!  Then once you are hired, you can do the same thing.  This is just another way Qkids offers to make more money!  Aren’t they great? If you do apply, let me know if you have any questions along the way!  

    Sidenote****  You need to live in the USA or Canada to teach with Qkids.