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Coconut Sugar


I LOVE coconut sugar.  It tastes amazing in chocolate chip cookies.  I soley base my decision on sweeteners on how they taste in chocolate chip cookies.  I am Cookie Monster, hear me roar!  COOKIE!!!  Oh gosh…

Here is what I use coconut sugar most often in:

  1. Chocolate chip cookies ( I also use Sucanat.  Not at the same time. At different times.  Just thought I should clarify lest you think I’m a sugar hound.  Hee hee…)
  2. Coffee.  Yes it tastes good in coffee, with a little butter, maybe some coconut oil.  YUMMY!
  3. Baked oatmeal.  Have you ever had baked oatmeal?  Oh my gosh…with a little Greek Yogurt and real Maple Syrup on top?  I’m drooling now.  Look in the Breakfast section for the recipe under Food!

Here’s why. It has a lower glycemic index than regular sugar.  According to the Food and Nutrition Research Department, it is around 35.  This is good news!  It is on the lower end of the glycemic index.  It also has a bit more nutritional value than white sugar. But…it is still sugar. Whenever something is labeled “Healthy”, people tend to go crazy consuming that product.  Please don’t.  It is yummy, it is a bit more nutritional, but it is sugar!  Sugar isn’t healthy.  It’s yummy…not healthy.   So use with some willpower ok?  I have no willpower when it comes to chocolate chip cookies. But I’m trying!

***I share products that I personally use.  My opinion when it comes to sweeteners, is that if I’m going to use a sweetener, I would rather use something that at least has some nutritional value and has been through the least amount of processing as possible. I do still use white sugar sometimes.  Some desserts just come out better when you use white sugar.  Seriously people…it’s dessert.  It is not meant to eat at every meal.  Enjoy it if you can.  If you can’t, then give it to me and I will! Just don’t gorge yourself on it.  Use common sense. Reason. Willpower.  Moderation.  Oh sorry…I just made some chocolate chip cookies and was giving myself a pep talk…(sheepish grin).


What are your favorite sweeteners to use?

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