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Dogtown Lake Campground and Williams, AZ – A Review

Do you camp at all? Or maybe you’re a glamper?  My family loves camping (although I am NOT opposed to glamping!)  and when it is over 100 million degrees here in Phoenix, we make frequent trips up north to escape the heat.

Our most recent camping trip took place at Dogtown Lake Campground .  This campground is close to both Williams and Flagstaff in northern Arizona.  As of yet, because we live in Arizona, we have only camped in Arizona.  We hope to eventually camp throughout other states soon though!  This particular campground is stunning.  Pine trees surrounding each campsite and a beautiful lake just a few steps away are just a couple of things that will keep me coming back to this place.  I don’t know about you, but I love listening to the breeze blowing through the trees.  It’s magical. It’s also something that you just don’t get to hear much when living in the desert.  I could lie back, look at the clouds, and listen to the breeze all day.  Inexpensive therapy baby!  It takes me back to my childhood (which was in NH where there are beautiful, green trees and puffy clouds).  Phoenix has NO clouds…NO CLOUDS!  Why do I live here again?  Oh ya, WINTER!  Ha!  Anyway, I digress…

Things I love about this campground!

So, here’s another thing that I loved about this campground that I haven’t seen at other ones.  You can reserve a single site, double site, or even a huge group site!

Single site:  1 tent pad and picnic table

Double site:  2 tent pads and 2 picnic tables (duh! right?)  I didn’t take a picture of this, but there are two tent pads (designated tent area)  separated by two picnic tables.

Group site: There are 9 tent pads, a bunch of picnic tables, a main stone fire pit, a huge fireplace next to a ramada, and tons of space!  It was also to the back of the campground which means a lot more privacy.

The Wildlife

Oh!  I haven’t even mentioned the wildlife!  On our first night at the campground, we were visited by a cute and potentially stinky animal.  You guessed it! This skunk camp right up to our picnic table which was only a couple of feet from us!  It was obviously looking for some tasty treats.  He was not afraid of us at all!  We kept talking but made sure to not make any sudden movements.  No scaring the skunks please!

I think skunks are beautiful.  We had some living under our house when I was a kid and I would regularly go out and feed them and talk to them.  I was kind of a weird kid though because I thought that I could talk to all wildlife like I was Cinderella or something.  I won’t mention the amount of times that I was bitten.  That is a whole other story!  Let’s just say…don’t ever try to pet a snapping turtle!  OUCH!

Anyway, so we saw a skunk.  Luckily, we didn’t smell it!  LOL!  The next morning my dad and husband saw a couple of deer that were walking by our campsite.  Oh!  I didn’t mention that some coyotes were near our tents on the first night?  We heard them in the distance that night…they are creepy sounding!  But evidence (poop) suggested that they were right by our tents during the night.  Wait…I’m not scaring you am I?  At least there were no bear.  THAT would have scared me a bit.  We also saw very friendly squirrels and lots of birds.  Just a note here though.  Please do NOT pet the wildlife.  They could carry rabies or who knows what else.  Plus, it hurts if they bite you.  Just don’t do it.  I know that they are cute…but just don’t do it!

Apparently squirrels like sippy cups.  Grrrrr…

Williams, AZ

Last year for July 4th we were camping with friends at another campground near Williams.  On the fourth, we decided to head into Williams for the parade and fireworks.  We loved it so much that we decided to do it again!  This year there were no fireworks due to fire restrictions.  It has been very dry in the Southwest this year.  The parade was great though!  You know it is a small town parade when three cement trucks are part of the lineup.

Waiting for the parade.  I forgot to take pictures during the parade.  Maybe my phone died.  I can’t remember!

We have been to Williams a few times.  Twice now for July 4th and once for the Polar Express.  This is also where you can take a train to the Grand Canyon. It’s a neat place to visit.  One of our favorite places to eat at is a family owned restaurant called Pine Country Restaurant .  We have eaten there every time we’ve visited Williams.  The food is good, the service is great, and the pie is AMAZING!

Lemon Cream Cheese Bliss Pie

We also loved Brewed Awakenings . Sleeping in an airbed with a toddler does not always lead to great sleep.  So coffee was very much in order by late afternoon when we arrived in Williams to wait for the parade.  I didn’t take any pictures, but I got a coconut vanilla iced latte that was amazing.  They had a great menu and the baristas were very friendly.  Great customer service!  Plus, the whole place smelled like my grandmother’s house which brought back great memories.

All in all, we had a great trip!  I think July 4th in Williams, AZ will become a tradition for us.

If you enjoy camping, here is a great resource for you.

campground reservations around the United States

Below find some of my favorite camping gear.  Be on the lookout for a list of things needed when camping with a family.

Camping Gear

This is a GREAT  price for a 10 person tent.  You can fit 3 queen airbeds in this thing!  We have fit 7 people in this tent which included 2 airbeds and three sleeping bags.  It is pretty comfortable for our family of 6.


  Airbeds are a must for us adults.  I prefer airbeds that have a battery powered pump.  It can be a hassle to hook up a pump to your car’s outlet right before you go to bed.  Most airbeds that have an internal pump also have a valve to use an electric or hand pump as well.

Check out my post here for a complete list of my favorite camping gear so far.

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