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Don’t Make That Salad!!!

Has anyone ever told you NOT to make a salad?  Did you know that making a salad could be disastrous for your health?  I’m not talking about the salad dressing that you’re using either. I’m talking about the actual act of making a salad!  Hmmm…maybe I’ll be the first to tell you…to just eat the peanut butter and jelly sandwich instead.  Some of you are getting upset with me already…  Some of you are just curious.   So let me explain myself.

There was a time, a while ago, when I got seriously caught up in reading about and learning about how bad so many foods are for you.  Sometimes you just wish that you didn’t know, ya know?  I realized that a lot of what I had been feeding my family wasn’t all that good for them.  Sigh…Sometimes living in ignorant bliss is so much easier!  Right?  But I learned great things!  Such as the fact that fat is really good for you!  Whew!  I could now eat butter without guilt.  Well, I put butter on and in food and then ate that food.   I didn’t actually EAT  just butter.  My toddler does…weirdo.  Then I found out that real sourdough bread was good for you.  Add some amazing Kerrygold butter on that piece of bread and you have a match made in Heaven!!!!  Ohhhh sooooo good.  Fast forward 10 lbs later…ugh.  I also learned that just because something is good for you, it doesn’t mean that you can over indulge! (frownie face) Then there were the fermented foods (kefir, kimchi, kombucha), all foods made from scratch, real maple syrup, no white sugar, no white salt, no white bread (except for sourdough), juicing, smoothies, no cereal,organic everything, only pastured pork, free-range eggs, organic free-range chickens, 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef, and no decaf coffee (chemicals).  Then came grain free everything because wheat causes a million different issues.  I started cooking with almond and coconut flour.  I made pancakes from almond flour, eggs, and bananas.  Gone were the days of pb&j sandwiches for lunch. Unless it was real sourdough, with homemade peanut butter and jam.  Oh, lunch meat.  Don’t eat it.  Velveeta cheese, American sliced cheese.  Ok…when I learned about Velveeta and American cheese, I actually did get grossed out.  Something about eating plastic just didn’t sit quite right with my tummy. Next the crock pots came out and I started making bone broth/stock.

Ok, I think that you might see where I’m going with this.  Learning about how food affects your body is actually incredibly interesting.  I went a bit crazy with it for a few years. I cut out EVERYTHING that wasn’t good for the body.  I mean, EVERYTHING! My poor family.   I still get sucked back into it. There are definitely foods that are so much better for you.  But Dude, you gotta eat!  You need to feed your family.  I honestly try to make everything from scratch.  I’m pretty good at getting this done, but there are times when pizza must be ordered!  In and Out must be visited!  Do we eat out or order food everyday?  NO!  THAT would be a problem.  I have come to the point that if I am stressing so much about the food my family is eating, it’s not worth it.  Just eat.  If we can eat healthy, homemade food 70-80% of the time, we are good!  Give yourself the grace to just. eat. food.

Brigham Young University did a study comparing the effect of stress vs. junk food on the body and its ability to deal with stress.  You can read the study results below, but basically what they found was that eating junk food (or high fat food in the study) and stress can cause many of the same symptoms/diseases.  This was a recent study, but not anything that surprised me.  I had begun seeing how the stress of trying to eat well was affecting me!  I couldn’t enjoy my food anymore if I ate something that wasn’t “healthy”.  I believe that my stress levels were negating the healthy food I was eating.  How frustrating!  So….I’m not saying to go out and just eat whatever you want.  I mean…use some reason and willpower people.  LOL!  What I AM saying is, to do the best you can.  Don’t go into debt buying “super, healthy food”.  Buy what you can afford.  We ALL know that certain foods are better than others.  Meal planning helps. Check out my meal plans!  I will begin posting them soon!  I will also write a post about what I buy almost on a weekly basis and where I buy all of that amazing food.

Enjoy your food.  Have fun making your food.  Eat.  Feed your family.  Breathe…

Brigham Young University Study

Watch this video (below).  I promise you’ll laugh!

Healthy Food

What are your thoughts?  No bashing please…just  honest, polite thoughts.

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