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Essential Camping Gear for an Enjoyable Experience

My family and I have been camping for a few years now, so I feel like I have some valuable insights to share with you.  Some people are able to just head out into the woods with a backpack full of supplies.  I am not that person.  Plus, I have kids.  My husband could probably do it, but not me!  I really feel like there is some camping gear that is just necessary to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

So without further ado, here are my top necessary camping items.

Must Have Camping Gear

  This is an amazing price for a 10 person tent (just recently the price was $139!).  You can fit 3 queen airbeds or two airbeds and a few sleeping bags in this thing.  It is comfortable for our family of 6.

An airbed is a must for adults.  No one wants to wake up with a bad back!  I prefer to have one with an internal battery operated pump. It makes last-minute inflating much easier than having to connect a pump to your car.

This is our next purchase.  We have a regular outdoor lantern and a battery operated fan, but every time I bring the lantern in our tent, I wish that I had one that I could hang.  Also, having a fan that can hang from the tent is awesome!  It is awkward to put a small floor fan in the right spot to provide circulation.  Tents can get a bit toasty during the day which makes it difficult for napping.  We are buying this before our next trip!  ]

  A camp stove is an absolute must.  You will not always have a grill to cook on.  In Arizona, no fire pits or grills are allowed right now because of fire risk.  So a propane stove it is!  I recommend the ones that have the side protection like this one.  It can get windy, which makes maintaining cooking temperature difficult.  It can also blow the flame out.  So get this one and make your life easier!

So I have a regular glass french press that I bring camping with us.  However, I am always afraid that it’s going to break.   I usually wrap a towel around it when it’s packed to keep it safe.  But THIS!  THIS! I need this french press.  This thing keeps your coffee warm for 60 minutes!  That’s crazy!  I made coffee when camping the other day, and almost immediately my coffee was cold.  Ugh…I mean camping coffee always tastes great…because when it’s 40 degrees out, coffee is amazing!  But to have something like this!  Wowza!  If you are just buying all of your gear, then start out with a more affordable one like the one below.  But then upgrade baby!

******Update!!!!  I recently bought the above French Press.  It is AMAZING!!!  It really keeps coffee hot for more than an hour!  Be on the lookout because I will be giving one away soon!!!   GIVEAWAY baby!

  This one is a basic french press that is definitely good enough for camping and home use.  There is also a $2.80 coupon right now.

This is another MUST!  It can be hard to fit two pans on a two burner camp stove.  This fits onto both at the same time and you can fit a lot of food on it! Just get a silicone spatula as it will be easier on the nonstick surface.

This isn’t the exact kit that we have, because ours was just pieced together.  You can definitely piece yours together too, but this kit is great.  It also has a nice storage bag to keep everything together.  We have definitely found that it is much easier to keep camping gear separate from what use everyday in our home.  It makes packing much easier and limits the chance of forgetting things.

Pots and pans are a big deal too.  I haven’t found any online that I really like.  My husband bought a set of nonstick copper pots and pans at a swap meet and I love them!  They are perfect for the camp stove!  This is one thing that you do not want use at home.  Keep your camping pots and pans separate.  They get all smoky and smudgy.

I love these water bottles because they keep your water cold for a long time.  There are cheaper versions of this water bottle.  We got some at Costco when they were on sale.  Keep a lookout for sales!

Folding chairs are for sitting around the campfire(even if campfires are restricted)!  They pack easily and can be picked up and brought down to the lake or where ever you might want to hang out while camping.

***The above links may contain affiliate links, which means at no extra cost to you, I will receive a small commission that helps fund this blog.

Prices on Amazon are always fluctuating.  I will do my best to update when there are great sales!

Also, always take blankets.  We save old comforters and thermal blankets to use.  We also have a set of stained, flannel sheets to use.  Always put a blanket on top of your airbed.  Do not just sleep on a sheet.  Those beds get cold!  It almost always gets cold during the night wherever we camp and the air in the airbeds gets cold and stays cold!  We learned that lesson the hard way!

I will most likely add to this list as we try out more products for camping.  Be on the lookout for my master camping list and a sample camping menu!  As soon as I have them completed, I will post the link here.

Please share any of your must have camping gear.  I love to get new ideas!

Happy Camping!

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