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Friday Favorites 3/16/18


I love using Sucanat. It tastes great in chocolate chip cookies!  As does Coconut Sugar .  (All sweeteners are based on how they taste in chocolate chip cookies in my book!) It is still sugar…but because it still retains the molasses, there are some nutritional benefits to using Sucanat.  I feel better using Sucanat. If we are going to enjoy something sweet, it might as well have some nutritional benefit!  White sugar, even if its organic, has absolutely no nutritional benefit!  I buy this big sack of sucanat every six months or so.  When I get it, I separate it out into freezer ziplock bags. Once I’m ready to open up a bag, I empty it into some kind of container that will be easy to open and access the sucanat..

Here is Wikipedia’s definition of Sucanat:



I share products that I personally use.  My opinion when it comes to sweeteners, is that if I’m going to use a sweetener, I would rather use something that at least has some nutritional value and has been through the least amount of processing as possible. I do still use white sugar sometimes.  Some desserts just come out better when you use white sugar.  Seriously people…its dessert.  It is not meant to eat at every meal.  Enjoy it if you can.  If you can’t, then give it to me and I will! Just don’t gorge yourself on it.  Use common sense. Reason. Willpower.  Moderation.  Oh sorry…I just made some chocolate chip cookies and was giving myself a pep talk…(sheepish grin).


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