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Friday Favorites – Deodorant, Chocolate Chips, and Pancake Mix!

I just had to share a few awesome things that I’ve discovered this week.  I always plan to share my Friday favorites with you and then I just forget!  But this week, I remembered!  Yay!!!!


Aren’t you just so excited?  I mean…deordorant!  Who doesn’t want to talk about what I use to make my armpits smell good? Ha!  I AM excited though.  I don’t really want aluminum or any nasty chemicals soaking into my armpits and into my body.  So I’ve tried several different natural brands.  NOTHING has worked!  I will say, that I believe what works for one person may not work for another person’s body.  So try things out. Recently,  a friend on Facebook said they tried out the Schmidt’s brand.  Specifically the Charcoal+Magnesium.  We can all use more magnesium right?  So I bought it.  So far I’ve used it through workouts, taking care of babies at our homeschool co-op, and just regular life.  It works!  Hallelujah!  Plus, it really has a great smell.  In fact, the first day I wore it, I was out to lunch with my daughter and I thought, “Hmmm…someone smells really good!  I love that smell.  I wonder what it is?” Seriously, it was me and my deodorant!  LOL!

I paid under $5 for this at Walmart.  Don’t get it anywhere else.  I’ve seen it up to $10 everywhere else. That’s a lot of money to put under your armpits!  Even if you don’t like Walmart, go there and get it. Don’t order it from Amazon.  You’ll pay $10 for it.

Chocolate chips

Oh ya, now we’re talking!  Last week, my daughter and I spent the night somewhere else on our own.  Girl time.  It was part of her birthday gift.  We decided to watch movies and eat Ice Cream Sundaes.  Ugh…I’m trying to lose weight…yes…but you gotta live too, right?  So anyhoo, we went to Walmart because it was the only supermarket open at 11pm.  We bought our ice cream and I bought chocolate chips, butter, and heavy cream to make hot fudge sauce.  The pre-made stuff can’t compare.  I was so surprised to find these chocolate chips!  They only have three ingredients!  They’re organic, 67% cacao and yummy! Usually I have to buy this type of chocolate chip at Sprouts or Whole Foods.  Walmart for the win again!  These were also under $5.  I should call today, $5 Friday!


Now…check out this silly suggestion.

Who is going to have a cookie (that’s 1 cookie folks) with a side of fruit? Either eat the cookie or eat the fruit.  I just can’t picture myself eating a yummy, gooey, chocolate chip cookie with a side of fruit.  I love fruit…don’t get me wrong…but not with a cookie.  Ugh…

Okay, on to the last thing.


Who doesn’t like pancakes?  We really love homemade pancakes and I typically don’t like mixes.  They are usually too sweet and/or have ingredients that I don’t want to eat.  Birch Benders mixes have been a great find!  Costco sells the Paleo mix, which is actually really good!  I bought this gluten free mix at Sprouts because they had them on a BOGO sale.  (Buy one get one…in case you didn’t know).  So I thought I’d try them.  They are really good!  My daughter even liked them.  Usually she’ll say, “Mom, can’t we just make regular pancakes?”.  I think the awesome flavor comes from the hazelnut meal in the mix.  Whatever it is, they’re good!  They are perfect size bags to take camping too and you just need to add water.  I did find that the directions produced a very liquidy batter though.  I basically just dump in the mix and add water until it’s a consistancy I like.  But I find that to be true of most pancake mixes.  We are trying to go as gluten free as possible around here since my husband can’t have it anymore.  He was ordered onto a Paleo diet by his doctor.  So we’re trying to get creative and while I make most things from scratch, it’s nice to have the pre-made stuff for those times when I just don’t want to cook!  You know what?  This one bag is normally $5.49 at Sprouts.  But because I got a second one for free, I got two of them for under $5!  Wow!  I’m on a roll!

Have you tried any of these products?  What were your thoughts?  Let me know in the comments below!  Maybe even make some chocolate chip pancakes over the weekend with your new found products.  Oh, but leave the deodorant out of it.  That wouldn’t taste good.  Although…it might smell good! Oh geez…I’m done now.  I need some coffee.

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