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Friday Favorites

Every Friday I will share some of my favorite things with you.  Some things have been my favorites for years and some are new discoveries.  Thanks to Amazon, we can order almost anything and have it within a couple of days and even hours!  Thank you Amazon!


1.) First up is this live soda.  It is soooooo good!  I’ve tried the Rootbeer, Cola, and Dr. Pepper versions.  It’s Kombucha which means it’s FULL of probiotics. The different flavors really taste similar to the soda versions.  I love that I can get this treat for my kiddos and it’s actually GOOD for them!  I usually buy the cans which are MUCH cheaper at Sprouts, but Amazon only sells the glass bottles. So if you can get to Sprouts (6 pack cans is usually $3.99 -$4.99) you HAVE to try this drink.  If you just want a treat and LOVE to order from Amazon, then order away for a special treat!  Soda, or kombucha, DOES taste much better in a glass bottle though.  Which do you prefer?










2.) Hyperbiotics Probiotics

I absolutely LOVE these probiotics!  I took them throughout pregnancy and still take them now.  They have probiotics for everything!  Kids, moms, dental health, weight loss, immunity boosting, disobedient kids (I wish!), and many more!  Here are three that I’ve used and loved.










3.)  Since my husband was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s ( an autoimmune disease) we have been eating more Paleo.  He is 100% paleo.  The rest of us are almost there.  Anyway, we recently tried these Paleo Pancakes that are soooo good!  I made them with blueberries and sliced bananas.  Of course we put butter and real maple syrup on them too.  They are super easy to make.  Just add water!  Changing to a Paleo way of eating should be about just finding substitutes for everything that you used to eat.  However, it is nice to have an occasional treat, right?


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