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Getting through Croup Naturally

* I am not a doctor, so please don’t take my words as a substitute for going to a doctor or following your own gut.  I am simply sharing what has worked for me along the way.  I also need to write down what I’ve done, so that I don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time someone in my family gets sick!  So here goes.

My two-year-old has had a cough for the last two weeks.  Then the runny nose started.  Clear, but still runny and icky.  His cough started getting worse.  Normally I feel confident in treating sickness at home and we rarely go to the doctor. But this cough has been hanging on a bit long and he had just recovered from a double ear infection a few weeks before.  So into the doctor we went.  Everything checked out.  My daughter was also being checked out as she had a lingering ickiness as well.

The next day, my little guy started coughing a lot more.  I didn’t think too much about it until that night.  Low-grade fever.  Increased barking cough and absolutely NO SLEEPING!  I don’t think he fell asleep until 3am and only slept 3 hours.  Poor guy!  Poor parents!  So naturally, I freaked and thought he had whooping cough because his breathing sounded awful and his coughs were getting worse.  Thank goodness for my fabulous tribe of crunchy mamas!  I texted two mamas about his symptoms.  One of which is my amazing chiropractor.  They both gave me great advice and we came to the conclusion that it was croup, not whooping cough!  Thank you, God!  I mean, croup is no party.  But whooping cough was not something I would wish on anyone.

So how did I treat this ickiness?

  • I brought him into the bathroom with a hot shower running and we just sat there (not in the shower) with the door closed breathing in the hot, humid air.  We would stay there a good 15-20 minutes.  Then we’d head out to the kitchen where I opened the freezer door and let my little guy breathe in the cold air.  It sounds weird, but it really relieves the cough.  We did this at least 3 times a day until he was better.


  • My friend recommended something from the Boiron Homeopathic line.  So off to Sprouts, I went to find something great!  I ended up buying Spongia Tosta which is for barking coughs.  I gave him five little tablets a couple of times a day for about three days.  But I will say, within an hour after taking the first dose, I noticed a difference.  It was great stuff!


  • Lots of vitamin c.  I had him eat a lot of Hyland’s vitamin c tablets.  They are tiny and easily chewable.


  • Smoothies!  I had a bunch of almonds in the freezer so I started making almond milk for his smoothies. (I don’t let my kids have dairy products while sick.)  I added in whatever supplements I thought would help.  They were really simple.  Almond milk, bananas, cooked oatmeal for some sustenance, cinnamon, turmeric, magnesium, vitamin D, probiotics, desiccated liver, and a capful of Ninxia Red.  Ninxia is a Young Living product that I can not be without.  We got hit by a lot of sickness this winter, but it never lasted long or got really bad.  I give credit to the amazing supplements that we have (that we don’t spend tons of money on).  Anyway, my little guy LOVES smoothies.  He calls them Smmmmmoooeys!  They really helped get his immune system going and gave him nourishment since he wasn’t eating much at all while sick.


  • I used a cool mist humidifier in his room.


  • My husband added another pillow in the crib so our little guy was more elevated.  He slept much better this way.  He was just able to breathe better this way.  You could also add a couple of blankets under the mattress at the head to elevate your little one if you don’t like pillows.  My little guy is almost two so I’m comfortable with pillows.


  • Lastly, lots of cuddles!  Cancel all plans and just be with your sick, little one.

Please feel free to share your tried and true methods of dealing with Croup in the comments.  If you’re a tired mama dealing with a sick little one right now, hang in there!  It will pass!  Your little one will be smiling and playing and feeling better soon and you will sleep again…soon!  I promise!  HUGS!

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