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Little Mama’s Soaps (locally owned – Phoenix, AZ)

I just have to share my love for these amazing products that I found here in the valley (Phoenix, AZ). The soaps are mostly made from goat’s milk and essential oils as well as some other natural ingredients.  I believe she even has products made with camel’s milk!  I began using her products more than 5 years ago.  I consistently use her body soaps, facial soaps and facial lotion.  I have also used her lip balms, exfoliation products, and night cremes.  My skin feels AMAZING after using these soaps.  She even has a line for acne prone skin.  Oh!  She also has soap made with activated charcoal for all of you charcoals fans out there!  I haven’t tried them yet, but I’m sure they’re great!

Some of my favorites are lilac, gardenia, coconut lime, monsoon, and stress relief.  She has some soaps made with coffee which smell sooooo great!  I am just absolutely IN LOVE with her products.  My skin is also IN LOVE with her products.  I can not use store bought bar soaps anymore.  They are so loaded with junk and they make my skin break out.  These don’t.  My skin looks better (and I smell better!  ha ha).


Check out her Facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/littlemamaproducts/

She sells her soaps around the valley at various farmers markets and online.  When you make a purchase, you’ll always find special little sample gifts when you open up your bag.  It’s like Christmas!!!  I LOVE these little samples.  They are the perfect size to take when we travel.  I even take them when we go camping!  Let me know if you try her amazing products.

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