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“Preferably Homemade”

Recipe directions:  Use 1/2 cup chicken broth – preferably homemade

Have you followed a recipe lately where you saw the words “preferably homemade” next to an ingredient?  I have to admit, I have experienced a few different reactions when reading these words.  Sometimes it is, “Yes!  I actually have homemade broth! I am the QUEEN of the kitchen!!!!”.  Other times it is, ” Ugh, I know I should use homemade cream of mushroom. Yes, I know what is in the canned version.  But I just don’t have the time or energy to cut all of those stupid mushrooms and wait for the arrowroot to thicken the stinkin’ milk mixture!”  Of course, this example would actually catch me in a real dilemma because I don’t ever have canned cream of anything soup either.  But you get the point, right?

We all know that homemade everything is better for you.  I make as much as I can from scratch.  I know this is better for my family.  But sometimes, it ISN’T better for my sanity level.  I know that some people can make everything from scratch while taking care of little ones.  I can’t do this with even ONE little guy running around!  What I need to do is train my older ones to help me with more of the food prep.  But I am admittedly horrible at delegating.  I mean it!  I don’t even think about delegating.  This is a point of frustration for my hubby because is so good at it!  But he loves me anyway.  🙂

You are good enough even if you don’t make you’re own…anything!

Ladies, one of my desires with this blog is to help you rest in the knowledge that you are good enough!  Can I help take some pressure off?  I hope so…You are beautifully and wonderfully made!  This is true whether or not you make everything from scratch or nothing from scratch!  Honestly now…have the words, “preferably homemade” ever made you feel guilty?  Guilty that you aren’t doing enough?  Guilty that you aren’t the ideal homemaker?  If we’re all being honest here…I have felt guilty when reading those words.  Sometimes I wish that I didn’t know as much as I do about food.  The GMO’s, msg, refined sugar, refined white flour, sugar substitutes, chemicals, pesticides, non organic…the list goes on and on and ON!  Doesn’t this list just cause your stress levels to rise!  Geez Louise!  Just give me a deep-fried Twinkie already!  Not really…twinkies are gross!  I used to LOVE twinkies. I mean…really LOVE twinkies.  Our love affair quickly ended though when I tried them again several years ago. Yuck!  How did I ever love those things?  Anyway, enough about Twinkies.  OH, I know!  Those really thin crust frozen pizzas!  What are they? Tony’s?  Or Tostinos?  I can’t remember, but I love them!  Anyway…enough confessing.  Don’t hold these confessions against me when I spend time talking about healthy things okay?  LOL!

The point of this post:  GRACE!  When you can, make things ahead of time.  If you just cooked a whole chicken, throw the carcass in your slow cooker or Instant pot with some veggies, water, and salt and you’ll have some chicken stock on hand!  I try to do this as much as possible, but I also buy chicken/beef/veggie broth to have on hand.  Either way, have grace on yourself.  You need to eat. Your family needs to eat. Dinner may be eggs and toast because you don’t have time for anything else that night.

Take a look at the recipes on this site.  I try to make as many fast and simple recipes as possible that include fresh ingredients.  If you are at the beginning of your cooking journey, just enjoy the process. I am also not trashing anyone who writes “preferably homemade” next to their ingredients list.  Not at all!  It’s all about GRACE. You are loved and cherished.  No matter how you cook (or don’t cook!), you are enough.  Keep learning new things, keep trying new things, and you’ll get to where you want to be.  Sometimes it is one step forward and three steps back.  But just keep going and give yourself grace along the way.

Side note:  Food prepping and getting the family involved saves A LOT of time during the week.  I am working on getting this going on a consistent basis in my house.  But it is a habit that has to be formed.  I am incredibly ADD.  I have great plans to food prep and have things homemade in advance to use throughout the week.  But I get going and…SQUIRREL!    Anyhoo…Grace!  Love you!


Do you make everything from scratch?  Where are you on your cooking journey?  Do you make a menu plan and then make nothing from that plan all week?  Ha!  Do share!

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    Xandrea Gutierrez
    February 22, 2018 at 12:50 pm

    This resonates with me. I would love to make everything homemade but with a busy lifestyle, it’s not always practical or possible.

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