Side Hustles for Making Some Extra Money!

I have a huge desire to stay home with my kids.  My kids are 20, 16, 11, and 2.    My husband and I decided years ago, that our home was much more peaceful when I was not working outside the home.  I’ll be honest, there are days that I really miss working.  I miss being around adults some days.  Having an adult discussion about adult type things is something that I long for some days. Instead I’m talking about all of the animals in the world and how they all pee and poop and eat each other!  I’m also being attacked by a two year old who thinks he’s a dog and should bite or lick me.  I miss going to the bathroom by myself!  Ahhhh….but those things are also so endearing.  I am so grateful for being able to raise our kids.  It’s so good to know that my 11 year old won’t come home after school to no one being here.  Although he has begged me to pay for aftercare so that he can stay at school playing after hours!  Geez!  Just can’t win!

Anyway, one of the things that I miss about working is…the paycheck!!! Seriously!  Since my husband and I really want to be debt free, we need to find ways to make this happen!  Side hustles are a great way for anyone to do this.  There are sooooo many side hustle ideas.  There is even a podcast about side hustles called The Side Hustle Nation.  Check it out!

So I thought I would share side hustles that I/we have tried with you.  I’ll also share side hustle ideas that I think might appeal to you.