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Tuesday Tips -Boosting Your Immune System with Lemons and Salt

Lemons…and salt?  Lemons…and …SALT?  What are you talking about?  Well I’ll tell you!  Aren’t you glad?  How awful would it be if I just left you hanging?  Especially about this!  I mean, seriously!  THIS is important! Hee, hee…

I don’t know about you, but all I can think of as the school year is about to start, is how to boost our immune systems.  I have one in school, one homeschooled, one out of school, and a toddler.  No matter where your kids are going to or coming from, there WILL be germs.  Germs, germs everywhere!

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing some easy ways to boost your immune systems.  Also, I would love to hear what you do at home to boost your immune systems!  I love to hear/try new ideas!

Everyone knows that lemon water is just good for you.  Not only does it make an ordinary glass of water yummy, but it also adds some good stuff into your body via that glass of water.  Of course some will say there is no scientific evidence for that…blah, blah, blah.  I still love it and when I feel that cold coming on, I try to drink MORE lemon water!

Have you heard that it is also good for you to add a small pinch of pure sea/Himalayan salt into your water?  Adding just a bit, gives you 84 trace minerals that are not usually present in our water anymore.  Please DO NOT put regular white table salt in your water…or anywhere.  It is not good for you!  Table salt is super processed junk! When medical professionals tell you to lower your salt intake, THIS is the type of salt they are talking about.  NOT pure sea/Himalayan salt.  Your body actually craves that nutrients that are absorbed from pure sea/Himalayan salt.  You still don’t want to eat gobs of it either…I mean…yuck!  Oh well, you get what I mean!

Read this article if you want more info regarding how salt (not table salt) is actually GOOD for you!

Add Salt to Your Food Daily – Despite What Your Doctor Says

So….what’s the Tuesday Tip?  Oh right…I almost forgot that part!!!

The Tip

So many times in my family, someone will cut a slice out of a lemon and then leave the rest on the counter to just get icky.  Or, they will stick the rest of the lemon in the refrigerator, where it will also get icky.

Ugh.  Wasted lemons.

So a couple of weeks ago, I decided to slice up a couple of lemons.  Then I thought about how I like to put a pinch of salt in my water.  But I hate stirring it up.  I mean, it’s not much salt, but I also don’t want it to just sit on the bottom where I’ll get it at the end.  Yuck!  So my solution was to sprinkle just a bit of the salt over my sliced lemons.

If you look close, you can see a bit of the salt.  I didn’t go crazy.  Just a bit.

After I salted them, I placed them all spread out on a cookie sheet.  Then I put the cookie sheet in the freezer for about an hour.  It might have been longer because I didn’t remember they were there until my daughter asked why I had a cookie sheet of lemons in the freezer!  After that, I took them out and popped them off, then transferred them to a container to go back into the freezer.  Now I can just pop a couple out and put them in my water.  It also cools my water off a bit too!

So there you go!  Nice,yummy, salty, already prepped lemons for your water!  Put a couple of slices in, shake up your water a bit and drink!

The good stuff!

This is the one we buy from Costco.  It is a grinder along with the Himalayan salt.  If you have a Costco membership, get it there as it’s much cheaper than getting it through Amazon.

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