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What’s Your Style?


Is there any “correct”way to homeschool?  Of course there isn’t (IMO)!  This is one reason most parents homeschool.  We want to give our children the freedom to be themselves in their learning process.  Every single parent has their own personal style of teaching regardless of the specific curriculum they are using.

This isn’t breaking news on the Homeschool front! So why am I even writing this post? I am writing this to tell you a little about me, but mainly to learn about you!  What is your style of homeschooling?  What are your tried and true methods?  I want to know more about my readers!

Truth be told, I am an all over the place schooler.  We have done traditional homeschooling using curriculum such as Abeka, My Father’s World, etc.  We have done online schooling from K12, Easy Peasy, to AZ Connections.  AND…we have done public school.  I  taught for years internationally and locally.  My kids usually attended whatever school I taught at.  We take it year by year. Right now, I have one in public school, and two at home. But honestly there comes a point when you just have to say…CHOOSE!  CHOOSE A METHOD, CURRICULUM, SCHOOL, OR WHATEVER!!!!!  Just CHOOSE crazy lady!  Oh…I’m the crazy lady. Not you.  Unless you are a crazy lady.  Which you might just be if you are homeschooling.  There are days, right?

Anyhoo, tell me about you!  You can find out more about my thoughts on homeschooling vs. everything else in this post. Please comment below and share with everyone!


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